Spa wash – $60.00

Full exterior hand wash is designed to maintain and beautify a vehicle. This includes interior vacuum with full hot wipe and window cleaning and with deep dish wheel cleaning and tire dressing.

Spa wash with liquid wax – $80.00

A great addition to the spa wash to add more shine and luster using our express liquid wax.

Spa wash with interior shampoo – $160.00

Exterior hand wash with interior vacuum with shampoo on carpets and seats.

Spa wash and wax – $235.00

Obtain a longer lasting and deeper shine by undergoing this two-stage exterior prep (bug and tar removal), with a machine polish followed with a polymer wax application.

Spa wash with full interior detail – $235.00

Exterior hand wash with full interior detail which includes vacuum, compressed air cleaning, full shampoo, leather treatment and scotchguarding on carpets.

Spa detail – $375.00

Our most popular detail, cleaning all areas of the vehicle, which includes Pearls Spa Wash plus:

  1. Cleaning of all door/trunk jambs
  2. Engine compartment cleanse and condition
  3. Two-stage exterior “bug and tar” prep
  4. Clay bar exterior surfaces
  5. One-stage machine polish
  6. Apply carnauba/polymer wax blend
  7. Interior shampoo inc. matts, carpets and headliner
  8. Complete interior vacuum and hot wipe surfaces
  9. Condition/protect leather seats
  10. Compressed air in all crevices
  11. Complete window cleaning
  12. Condition tires and trim

Spa detail with full cut polish – $475.00

This is a great addition to our SPA DETAIL by cut polishing the paint, which is a scratch removal process (recommended for darker colour vehicles). Our three-stage cut polish will provide a swirl free finish to your vehicles paint.

Utopia detail – $575.00

Our most thorough detail and scratch removal possible. This includes all elements of the SPA DETAIL plus:

  1. Five-stage cut polish with spot wet sanding
  2. Interior protection for leather/vinyl/all fabrics
  3. Paint sealant applied after the polish

Protection detail – $550.00

Designed for new vehicle or to compliment a freshly detailed vehicle with the top protection offered in the industry, accompanied by an annual warranty – great for peace of mind. This package includes SPA DETAIL plus:

  1. Complete application of paint sealant
  2. Rain repellent to all exterior glass
  3. Interior protection for leather/vinyl/fabric
  4. Condition all rubber seals
  5. One year limited warranty

Car storage – $225.00/month

Our experience in auto storage will keep your vehicle in top condition while it awaits your arrival. Trickle charger will keep your battery at a maintenance charge and a car cover to protect paint.

Upholstery repair – $150.00+

From leather to plastic to vinyl, it can be repaired like new, while your vehicle is in our care.

Wheel repair – $200.00/rim

While we service your vehicle, your curb damage and scrapes can be removed to make your wheels look like new again.

Paint less dent removal – $150.00+

A proven and economical way to remove many types of small dents from body panels.

Ozone odor removal – $100.00

An effective way based on a molecular treatment to permanently remove strong odors trapped in a vehicle.